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How to build your own stunt scooter

  • by Frederik Giese
How to build your own stunt scooter

Are you so passionate about your hobby that you think it would be cool to have your very own unique scooter? We understand! At ScootWorld, as your new favourite stunt scooter specialist, we can help you find all the different parts you need to get the coolest custom scooter you could possibly imagine.

But before you get started ordering parts for your personalized dream stunt scooter, there are a few things we want to tell you so you can get the very best result that lives up to your expectations.

So read on if you're curious and find out how you can make your own scooter by choosing the different components and putting them together to create the scooter that works best for you and looks exactly the way you want.

Know all the components you need to make your personal custom scooter

In order to build your own custom scooter, there are some things you can't do without. As a general rule, the quality of each component is linked to the price you have to pay for the part. We would recommend that you sit down and make a budget of how much money you can or want to spend on making the perfect custom scooter to your head - but if that's not quite feasible, we recommend that you consider buying an assembled scooter home from our webshop, which you can then swap out some of the individual parts on according to your needs for setup and style.

For a custom scooter that you want to build from scratch, you'll need at least these parts:

bar - clamp - deck - fork- griptape - headset - wheel - grips - bearings


We have different versions of several of the parts, allowing you to design your own scooter. So make sure you choose some parts in colors that you think look good together. Some people like a custom scooter where the parts are kept within the same color spectrum, while others like to use contrasting colors that complement each other. In fact, both can look tremendously cool. But ultimately, it's you who chooses your style and look - that's one of the best things about making your own scooter.

  • Tips for choosing all the right parts for your custom scooter from the start

One of the most important things is to make sure the parts you buy home fit together properly. When you click through to the products, you'll be able to see all the technical specifications that are relevant to you when choosing parts that are compatible with each other. For example, it is particularly important that your bar is the right diameter and that your wheels are the right size for the deck and fork you have chosen or will choose in the future.

At ScootWorld, our specialists in scooters and their parts are of course always ready to help you choose all the right parts that fit together and give you the result you are looking for. That's why you're more than welcome to reach out to us - either by coming into our brand new store, where you'll also have the opportunity to see the individual parts before you buy them - or by giving us a call during our business hours.

Of course, our personal service never costs you extra, and that's your guarantee that you're getting the best scooter when you shop with us. Because we don't necessarily help you find what we think is great - we help you find the product that you can enjoy the most and that meets your needs and requirements. This also applies if you want help or guidance to get started with making your own scooter.

  • How do you build your own scooter?

Once you've decided to make your own scooter, we recommend you start with the basics. Of course, you'll also need some tools on hand. But all the tasks can be done with ordinary allen keys. Your deck is what you'll stand on, and the element that will support and be in contact with most of the other parts that make up your custom scooter. Therefore, choose the deck first, as it is the entire skeleton for the rest of your scooter. Remember to check the different wheel sizes and specifications before you choose. Several of the models are available in a variety of colors, which you can see by clicking on each deck in our range.

The next thing you should look for and decide on is the front fork. With a fork and deck (and later wheels), you have a solid foundation for the assembly of parts that will take the brunt of the load. The fork is simply fitted by passing it up through the tube at the front of your deck. Next, select your bar (also called the steering-wheel), which you'll use to steer the scooter. These too come in a multitude of different colors and designs, allowing you to make your custom scooter very personal and super cool.

  • A custom scooter takes shape

At the bottom of your bar, you mount your clamp, which then connects to your fork, which you've threaded up through the front tube of your deck. Here you can choose from clamps of different strengths, represented by different amounts of screws. The more, the stronger. It's that simple. Tighten the clamp while your bar and fork are aligned. After that, all the big parts are actually assembled.

Wheels, which are the next thing to be fitted, come in both spoked and solid designs. Often the wheels come with ball bearings and spacers, so you don't need to buy that, although it's always nice to have extra ball bearings on hand if you do your hobby frequently and want a scooter that always rolls perfectly.

The last thing to fit is your grips and griptape. Choose grips that are soft and gentle on your hands if you're the type who likes to ride and challenge yourself for hours on end. Griptape attaches easily like a big sticker to the top of your deck - and you're actually ready to roll!

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